Ghost in the Shell Arise (spanish)

The word "triage" in French means something like "evaluate or separate". The process of "triage" is common when you have to deal with large numbers of victims in order to quickly determine medical priorities among the wounded. To identify those people who can not be saved, a black label is used.
Yes! Ivrea we have made with TRIAGE X leave a shonen that will delight fans of the ecchi touches and violent as it is characterized by a healthy dose of fan service and action scenes! And if the design of the cover enclosed you look familiar, it is that this sleeve is made no less than by the cartoonist Highschool of the Dead, Shouji Sato. In this case, Shouji Sato drawing handles both as the script (in HOTD instead draws only).
The story focuses on Arashi Mikami, a high school student 17 years apparently normal, but socially awkward. However, behind this appearance a guy who is part of a secret organization known as "vigilantes Black Label", an entity whose objective is to get rid of organized crime in the city of Tobioka, which sometimes gets in their hides Life as a student.
The basis of this organization is located in the Mochizuki General Hospital, which has some of the best (and sexiest) nurses of the city, who, led by the director of the hospital and with the help of mercenaries as teenagers Arashi , struggling against traditional diseases ... and not so traditional, as are the "cancers" that corrupt Tobioka, as they have realized that no good cure his patients while doing crime is sick society.
Black Label organization is therefore responsible for carrying out the tasks useless -quite the city police is unable to carry out by killing criminals and corrupt ... but keep in mind that getting rid of crime lords is not always an easy task, and that all acts involving an inescapable consequence ...
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IMPORTANT Publisher of Comics - EDT (Antigua Glenat)
IMPORTANT Publisher of Comics - EDT (Antigua Glenat)
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